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I am a mixed media artist, sculpting my pieces from handmade paper. They and other works are displayed on the next pages.

About me


Artist statement

Shaping in hand-made paper developed from my earlier free-form pottery work and in the color finish I often try to recreate the metallic effects of Raku glazing. My fascination with texture also finds an outlet in the pieces. In some cases found objects or fabrics are included, but I do not define my work as collages, rather as sculptures. Themes and shapes are derived from nature, the seasons and my daily experiences.


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For more information about my work, workshops or for orders, please E-mail

wilmasteenbergen@yahoo.com or call (719) 434-2251

Custom orders are welcome

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Paper sculpture

Paper sculpture is my main passion, from large sweeping mood pieces to small intimate figurative ones.


Maybe surprisingly, my paper lends itself well for unique jewelry designs.


There's a surprising range of used materials that can be turned into artful objects.

Decorative painting

Old designs on household objects


Various techniques